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Construction Equipment onsite, Anderson Columbia Co., Inc.

Financial Statements

Audits and reviews of financial statements designed to meet the needs of the surety industry and other users of contractor financial statements.

Our Assurance team performs both audits and reviews of contractors and related industries.  All financial statements are not the same and a contractor’s financial statements should be tailored to meet the requirements of the construction industry.

Our decades of experience in this area allows us to ensure that the financial statements contain the disclosures and other information that is important to the primary users of a contractor’s financial statements.  This includes sureties, construction lenders, licensing boards, DOT prequalification offices, and other contractors. Important disclosures can include bonded and unbonded backlog, receivable agings, bonded subcontractors, pending claims, and construction-specific tax deferrals.

Our audit and review approach involves bringing our team of experienced professionals directly on-site to your office to work.  This allows us to work hand-in-hand with your team to produce results quickly and efficiently without the never-ending streams of emails and phone calls that other firms rely upon.

For financial statements and income tax work, we visit your office well before your fiscal year end.  This allows us to finish our work quickly and helps to ensure that there are no surprises on either your financial statements or income tax returns.