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Mergers and Acquisitions

Ready to Buy or Sell?

Over the past 30 years, our principals have been involved in hundreds of transactions in the construction industry and related industries including quarries, cement mills, ready mixed concrete, and engineering firms.

Our due diligence team knows how to focus on the important issues that are key to a proper valuation.  With our custom-designed due diligence programs, we zoom

As with all our teams, we know that the key to success is working on site at the target’s facility and your offices.  This is the best way to immerse ourselves in the operating and financial reporting environment of the target entity.

We also know that the key to successful due diligence engagement is timely reporting.  That is why we draft our report in the field so that you receive real-time information from our team and react accordingly.

Velocity Community Credit Union, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, renovated by Anderson-Moore Construction Corp.