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Tax Planning

A full understanding of the tax code as it relates to contractors and related industries.  Helping you to know how federal, state, and local taxes impact your business.

Construction taxation is unique.  Whether it’s federal income tax, state franchise and income taxes, sales and use tax, or property tax, there are many tax rules specifically written for contractors.

Understanding these rules can make the difference in making a contractor competitive in the marketplace.  Your construction company needs an expert in construction taxation in order to make the best business decisions and to pay the lowest taxes possible. Our team has decades of experience working in these areas and we understand the issues that matter the most to a contractor.

Just like our audit team, our tax approach involves bringing our team of experienced professionals directly on-site to your office to work.  This allows us to work hand-in-hand with your team to produce results quickly and efficiently without the never-ending streams of emails and phone calls that other firms rely upon.

For income tax work, we visit your office well before your fiscal year end.  This allows us to project your taxable income in order to save taxes and to ensure that there are no surprises when your tax returns are prepared.  This also allows us to finish your work quickly and without endless extensions.

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